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"Onesta Building Council" is a consulting engineering firm that works in the field of building. Our team is made up of professionals specialized in buildings who are members of theOrdre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ). We offer a full range of professional inspection and expertise services for residential buildings,

We offer services such as inspection Pre-Purchase for all types of buildings the inspection Pre-Delivery, the state of building (condominiums) and the study of provident fund and the budget estimate as well as the inspection for facades and parking lots in accordance with the 122 law. You can also use our professional services for expertises specific elements such as roofing, roof, attic, attic, insulation, ventilation, cladding, masonry, stones, bricks, acrylic and aggregate cladding, vinyl cladding , the structure, the load-bearing walls, the foundations, the crawl spaces, the French drains, the doors and windows or for problems of infiltration of water or air, of hidden defects, of humidity and condensation, of losses heat, etc.

We also offer expertise services in the field of engineering in structure for existing buildings. This is to check the condition of the current structure or the replacement of elements such as a load-bearing wall, reinforcement or enlargement. We also prepare reports for the structural problems observed. In addition, we design new residential buildings. This design includes calculations, plans and specifications and site supervision.

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