Building expertise is required in case of a particular problem such as air infiltration, mold, water infiltration, hidden defect, condensation, foundation slump, etc. This is a more thorough step than visual inspection; this is why it must be done by a building professional.

During the visit, the specialist can practice exploratory holes and use sophisticated equipment (hygrometer, infiltrometer, infrared camera, laser) to verify and analyze the deficiencies and to allow him to give his opinion as to the necessary corrective measures. Following the visit, the engineer transmits his findings and recommendations with a detailed report and supported by photos, plans and diagrams.

« Onesta Building Council Is made up of graduate professionals with a master's degree (structure, building envelope) and several years of experience in the field of civil engineering, structure and inspection.

We offer expertise for the following components or issues:

  • Siding : masonry, bricks, stone, acrylic coating, aggregate cladding, vinyl siding, aluminum cladding, wood cladding, wood fiber board (Canexel), fiber cement board, etc.
  • Roof and roof Asphalt shingle coating, asphalt and multilayer gravel, elastomeric membrane and modified bitumen, metal roof, EPDM and TPO membrane, sloped roof, flat roof, cathedral roof, attic and attic, ventilation, condensation, insulation, etc.
  • Thermography : infrared camera, thermal and energy losses, thermal resistance, cold floors and walls, insulation, air infiltration, humidity and condensation.
  • Water infiltration : location of water infiltration using a hygrometer and infrared camera and watering tests to identify the source: roofing, doors and windows, waterproofing membrane, cracks in the foundations, cracks in the slab on ground, building envelope, etc.
  • infiltrometry : detect air infiltration points using an infiltrometer, an infrared camera and a smoke bulb, as well as deficiencies in the seal joints, air barrier and cutter. kiss, etc.
  • French drain : examine the drain using a drain camera, record the expertise on a video and then analyze the deficiencies of the French drain (poorly installed, crushed or clogged drain, etc.)
  • Foundation and level reading : subsidence of building foundations, cracks, crumbling of concrete, block foundations of concrete and cemented stones (rubble), piles, flooding and water-repellent foundations, slab on floor, etc.
  • Vice caché : expertise and counter-expertise in hidden vice, testimony to the court, building experts, detailed report with digital photos, articles of the Building Code and explanatory diagrams.
  • Humidity and condensation : water infiltration, insulation, structural wood rot, mold, relative humidity, material moisture, vapor barrier, ventilation in the attic.
  • Insulation: House insulation, thermal resistance, heat loss, condensation, mold, vapor barrier, air barrier, basement insulation, wall and ceiling insulation, inter-roof insulation.
Cracks in the foundations

Sagging foundation walls

Moisture in the structure

Moisture in the structure

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