Masonry consists of bricks or stones, mortar joints, metal fasteners and sealing flashings. These elements must be integrated together to ensure the aesthetic appearance and performance of the work

Frequent problems in masonry cladding

  • The lack of chantepleures at the base of the siding and above the openings (doors and windows).
  • Corrosion of the steel lintels above the openings.
  • The bulging of the bricks because of the deterioration of the metal fasteners.
  • The bulging of the bricks because of a movement in the structure.
  • Old and cracked bricks.
  • Hollow or cracked mortar joints.
  • Shear in the masonry.
  • Advanced corrosion of steel lintels.
  • Some movement in the foundation walls.
  • A weakness in the basement walls at the basement windows.
  • Deficiencies with respect to the tightness of the envelope.
  • Hole, corroded or damaged sealing flashings.

It should be mentioned that the metal fasteners are the most important elements in the masonry work.

The metal fasteners transfer the lateral load of the wall to the building structure, and then prevent the movement of the side wall outwards. This can cause the brick wall to collapse.

The installation of metal fasteners is essential for the lateral stability of brick walls. It is essential that the installation respects the rules of the art and the Building Code in force. Thus, the fasteners must absolutely withstand lateral forces and corrosion.

Maintenance work of the exterior cladding

Regular maintenance of the exterior cladding is essential to maintain the integrity of the elements of the envelope. This will prevent premature deterioration in the elements of the building envelope and structure.

Our engineering team can:

  1. Perform the expertises necessary for the exterior cladding.
  2. Evaluate the condition of coating and give a professional opinion.
  3. Offer the right solution for facing problems.
  4. Offer a detailed report with diagrams, photos.
  5. Make a budget estimate for corrective work.
  6. Supervise construction work.
Expertise in masonry

Expertise in masonry

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