Pre-acceptance inspection is a visual inspection of the building components. Each building covered by the warranty must be inspected prior to receipt. This inspection is carried out following a pre-established list of items to be verified approved by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) for maisons or condominium buildings among others.

Subject buildings

In Quebec, the inspection of new homes (houses and condos) is governed by the " Regulation respecting the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings ". It is mandatory except for condominium buildings (divided co-ownership) of more than 4 superimposed private portions, undivided co-ownerships and converted condo buildings. All new individual home buyers must contribute and all residential construction contractors must be accredited. Thus, the builder and the buyer must inspect the property together if there is a guarantee plan for this one. This inspection marks the end of the work and the start of the warranty.

Here are the buildings subject:

  • Single family home (detached, semi-detached or row)
  • Multifamily building from 2 to 5 housing (duplex to 5plex);
  • Multifamily building with not more than 4 units superimposed on divided co-ownership;
  • Machined house.

Content of the report

Onesta Bâtiment's building engineer has several years of experience in the field ofinspection prior to acceptance. After the visit of the expert, you will receive a complete report containing the deficiencies and poor workmanship noted, the uncompleted work, the explanatory photos as well as the expertises to be carried out (if applicable).

Warranty plan

During the pre-acceptance inspection, the engineer examines the building systems and components for defects in the contractor's work.

The guarantee covers the following (under certain conditions), namely:

  1. Completion of the work;
  2. Repair of defects and apparent defects;
  3. Repair of existing and non-apparent defects at the time of receipt and discovered within one year of receipt;
  4. The repair of hidden defects that are discovered in the 3 years after receipt of the building;
  5. Repair of defects in design, construction or construction and ground defects that occur within 5 years after the completion of the work.

(Source: Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings, 10 article).

Condominium buildings

In addition to new homes, condominiums are also subject to the guarantee of new residential buildings, with some exceptions *.

Our engineer will inspect the common parts of the building and the private part for the co-owners who wish it. In fact, these are two distinct mandates:

  1. When receiving a private portion, the engineer examines whether there are any defects or deficiencies in the inspected unit;
  2. When receiving common parts, the professional, mandated by the syndicate of co-owners, will have to examine the common parts to identify the deficiencies and / or the visible defects in relation to the structure and the finish. Preceception inspection

Houses and other small buildings

For buildings that do not have common areas (such as a bungalow), the pre-acceptance inspection includes verification of all items included in the list approved by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

Building Inspection

Building Inspection

Pre-acceptance inspection

Building Inspection

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