In Quebec, tragic accidents have forced the legislator to intervene to ensure that homeowners maintain adequatethe walls of buildings, as well as parking lots. Building facades are an essential component of the building envelope. They therefore require regular maintenance to prevent deterioration and corrosion of its elements. Otherwise, there may be detachment and collapse of building facade components, posing a direct threat to public safety.

Le new Chapter VIII / Building du security code of the Building (CBCS), under the responsibility of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), came into force on 18 March 2013. The Security Code is integrated into the Building Act. Henceforth, the grouping of co-owners or the owners of a residential building are required to have the façades of high-rise buildings (by engineers or architects) and staged parking lots * inspected in a comprehensive and periodic manner. professionals (engineers).

For which buildings?

This measure is intended to improve the safety of all subject buildings of which at least one facade has five (5) above ground floors and more.

All 5 years from the 10th anniversary of the construction of the building, it is required that audit report (given to the RBQ) certifies the fact that the facades of the building do not present any dangerous condition. We hear by " dangerous condition "Any condition that an element of one of the facades may imminently become detached from the building or collapse and cause injury to persons" (375 article of the Building Safety Code).

What is inspected?

This requirement involves the verification of exterior claddings, balconies, balustrades and other facade components by means of a visual inspection and partial dismantlement and exploratory cuts if necessary. The384 article of the Building Safety Code stipulates that the verification report for façades must indicate, inter alia, "the location and description of defects and their causes that may contribute to the development of hazardous conditions" and "a description of the corrective work to be carried out so that the facades of the building remain safe ".

The owner must keep a record of maintenance of the building and certify the safety of the building components.


The requirements relating to parking lots parking when it is underground and at least one running surface of the concrete slab does not rest on the ground (at least 2 floors) or when it is overhead and at least one running surface does not not rest on the ground (385 article of the Building Safety Code).

"A parking lot must be maintained in such a way as to ensure safety and prevent the development of dangerous conditions" (386 article of the Security Code).

In-depth audit

The first comprehensive verification report, after the engineer's visit, must be submitted between 12 and 18 months after the construction of the building (397 article of the Safety Code.) "Every 5 years, the owner must obtain from an engineer a thorough verification report stating that the parking lot has no dangerous condition and that, where appropriate, recommendations to correct defects that may contribute to the development of hazardous conditions have been formulated "(389 article of the Security Code).

"A thorough check of the parking lot must also be carried out as a result of any event that may affect its structural behavior" (390 article of the Building Safety Code).

Facades of buildings

Façade inspection

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