Building engineer: Inspection, Expertise, Sstructure, Vhidden ice cream

Expertise in hidden vice

Building engineer

  • Engineer specialized in hidden defects.
  • Technical expertise in hidden defect.
  • Sources and extent of the problems.
  • Document analysis and detailed report.
  • Court testimony.Read more

Pre-acceptance inspection

Building experts

Certificate of building status

Building experts

  • Inspection by a building engineer.
  • Know the current state of the buildings.
  • Inspection report, digital photos.
  • Budget evaluation, repair priority.
  • Balance sheet of buildings health. Read more

Building expertise 

Building experts

  • Expertise by a supervising engineer qualified.
  • Infiltration of water, humidity and condensation.
  • Masonry, exterior cladding and roofing.
  • Infiltrometry, insulation and thermography.
  • Foundations, cracks, sagging.Read more

Façade inspection

Building experts

  • Inspection by a supervising engineer qualified.
  • Façade inspection according to the 122 law.
  • Audit report required by the RBQ.
  • Certificate of conformity of the facades.
  • Verification of plans. Read more

Residential building structure

Building experts

  • Engineer specialized in structure.
  • Removal of a load-bearing wall
  • Enlargement, strengthening of a house.
  • Waterproof foundations, slabs and walls.
  • Design, plans and calculations Read more