Consulting Engineering

"Onesta Bâtiment Conseil" is a consulting engineering firm working in the building industry. We offer a full range of professional services in building inspection, expertise and structure.

We offer services such as pre-reception inspection, building condition (condominiums), provident fund study, as well as inspection for facades and parking lots in accordance with Law 122.

You can also use our professional services for expertise in the event of a specific problem in the building such as: water infiltration, air infiltration, hidden defects, humidity and condensation, heat loss, cracks and sagging in the foundation walls, problems in masonry and siding etc. We also offer expertise services in the field of istructural engineering for existing residential buildings. This in order to check the condition of the current structure or the replacement of elements such as a load-bearing wall, a main beam, reinforcement or enlargement etc.

Onesta Bâtiment Conseil and hidden defects:

The expert engineer examines and analyzes the deficiencies identified by the buyer and determines the extent of these on the operation of the building, the safety of the occupants and the enjoyment of the premises.

In addition, the engineer studies the documents provided by the client to verify whether these deficiencies have been declared or not in the declaration of the owner-seller.

Also, he must check if these deficiencies were mentioned in the pre-purchase report to make sure that the defects were not apparent.

In the case of a hidden defect, our consulting engineering firm offers the following services:

  • Expertise to note the deficiencies raised by the new owner.
  • Analysis of the documents submitted by the buyer (declaration of the owner-seller, pre-purchase report, etc.).
  • His professional opinion concerning the deficiencies found in the building under study.
  • Writing a report including findings, observations and recommendations supported by photos and diagrams.
  • Presence in court as an expert witness to support your claim.

For more information about our consulting engineering firm, don't hesitate to contact us or send us an email for a quote or any inquiry.