We present to you some documents which could be useful to understand residential buildings as well as their elements and the problems related to this type of buildings. For example, there is structure, insulation, heat resistance, foundations, flooding, hidden defects, etc.

1- Construction of a wooden frame house-Canada The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

2- Let's trap the heat - Natural Resource Canada

3- The new thermal resistance of the insulation Quebec Building Envelope Council (CEBQ)

4- Maintenance bookAssociation of managers and co-owners of Quebec

5- Pre-acceptance inspection form - GCR - Residential construction guarantee

6- The owner's tour - information and maintenance guide for your home - APCHQ

7- Site guide- insulation and sealing of windows-APCHQ

8- Presentation on the regulation modifying the building code to promote energy efficiency- Régie du bâtiment du Québec

9- Hidden defects- Consumers Association for Quality in Construction (ACQC)

10- Standard of professional practice for the visual inspection of mainly residential buildings - Association of building inspectors (AIBQ)

11-Performance guide - Provincial Association of Home Builders of Quebec- APCHQ