The infiltrations of water in a building are the most detrimental problems for the structure and the enjoyment of the places.

In addition to the deterioration of the structure, water seepage can cause mold growth and the appearance of carpenter ants seeking wet place.

Two types of water infiltration

There are two types of water infiltration:

  • Direct - like a hole in the envelope that allows water to enter directly inside or a crack in the wall of foundations.
  • Indirect - for example the water that runs behind the bricks and does not find its way to escape outside, so the water remains trapped at the base of the siding and ends up damaging the wood by absorption materials and by capillarity.

Infiltration of water in the basement

In fact, it is the subsoil that is the most vulnerable place to water infiltration and the causes are multiple:

  • French drain clogged or improperly installed;
  • Cracks in the foundation walls;
  • Deficiency in the seal at the junction between the foundations and the base;
  • Deficiency in the seal at the junction between the exterior cladding and the foundations;
  • The absence of copings, etc.

Factors to prevent water infiltration:

  • A slope of suitable ground around the building;
  • The presence of weep at the base of the exterior siding and above openings;
  • Regular maintenance of the joints and flashings in the building envelope
  • Repairing cracks in foundation walls

Expertise in water infiltration:

To determine the causes and source of the water infiltration, Onesta Bâtiment Conseil's engineer conducts a visual inspection and tests at locations suspected to provide a waterway into the building. These tests are as follows:

  • A leak test that consists of watering the outside of the areas studied with a garden hose;
  • Moisture tests in materials using a moisture sensor;
  • Detection of insulation or wet materials behind finishes using an infrared camera;
  • Exploratory sections at the affected areas for checking the condition of building materials;

If damage is found (appearance of molds harmful to health, weakening of the building structure, etc.), we will inform you of the seriousness of the situation and the appropriate remedial measures to be taken, according to the mandate.

Infiltration of water in the basement

Infiltration of water in the basement

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