Infrared thermography is derived from research in the military field. The building specialists have found him very useful applications to solve problems such as:

Moisture issues

Moisture and thermal discomfort are some of the common problems reported by building owners.

Here are the three main causes of humidity in a building:

  • Water infiltration;
  • The condensation ;
  • Capillary rise (migration of moisture in the walls in contact with damp soil).

Thermal discomfort and insulation

It is important to protect the building envelope with insulation. The role of the insulation is to delay the flow of air through the envelope. Thus, airtightness is essential to ensure good energy efficiency and to regulate mechanical and natural ventilation.

Thermography and the building envelope

Infrared thermography is a technique for analyzing energy losses and is non-destructive. The specialist test is used to diagnose the condition of the building envelope and to determine the locations of the thermal loss in the envelope.

For example, during a thermography survey, in a house, to analyze leaks and heat losses, we used an infrared camera to capture thermographic images that can be used to detect deficient thermal zones in the building envelope.

Thermographic images, taken using our infrared camera, clearly indicate that the building envelope has, at various locations, a thermal resistance that could be described as low.

Indeed, the calculations obtained by the thermal images - for the temperature index and the thermal resistance of the envelope - clearly demonstrate several failures of the system.

So, thermography has shown us that there are significant heat losses at the bottom of the walls, at the floor and exterior walls, at the ceilings and at the junction between walls and ceilings, around the devices. which pierce walls and ceilings and finally below and around windows.

Our building engineers are equipped with appropriate tools (infrared camera, humidity tester, infiltrometer, etc.) to collect relevant data about the damage.

Using specialized programs, they analyze the data, determine the deficiencies and propose appropriate solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the building. A report of expertise and clear and concise analysis will be given to you to enable you to take the appropriate steps.

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Thermography and thermal losses through the building envelope

Thermography and thermal losses through the building envelope