The roof is the most important element in the building envelope system. A deficient roof can cause problemswater infiltration, then the premature deterioration of the structure as well as the formation of mold.

There are several types of roof coverings such as:

  • Asphalt shingles (sloping roofs);
  • The inverted and conventional elastomeric membrane;
  • Multilayer asphalt and gravel membrane (flat or low slope roofs);
  • Monolayer membrane (EPDM and TPO), etc.

Life of a roof

Roofs have a variable life depending on their quality. The service life can oscillate between 15 and 30 years depending on the type of roof and the quality of the installation. On the other hand, if there is faulty (bad installation), defect of design or construction, the roof can sink at any moment after the installation.

Possible deficiencies

Here are some examples of deficiencies that can affect the roof:

Insulation and ventilation

Poor insulation and / or inadequate ventilation in the attics greatly affects the life of asphalt shingles.

The best known phenomenon, in case of poor ventilation, is the formation of ice dams at the edge of the roof.

Caulks and flashings

Sealing joints (caulks) and roof flashings play an important role in preventing water ingress into the building.

It is therefore necessary to check the condition of the seals every year and carry out maintenance work. It is the same for flashing.

Drains and slope

There are other elements that help ensure the integrity of the roof, namely the drainage drains and the drainage slope. The latter is important for prolonging the life of the membrane and to prevent water infiltration that may cause:

  1. Deterioration of the structure;
  2. Mold formation;
  3. The lower energy efficiency of the insulation.

Roofing expertise

According to the mandate, our recognized engineers can:

  • Conduct an on-site expertise;
  • Analyze data and express a verbal professional opinion
  • Write an expert report with photos, diagrams, findings and recommendations;
  • Produce plans and specifications for corrective work.

To consult: Association of Master Roofers of Quebec

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