I often get the question: what is the point of inspection (building condition certificate) ? My answer is that there are many older buildings in Quebec that require maintenance. Ignoring the regular maintenance of building components often causes major problems that are costly.

Infiltrations of water in the structure

For example, the lack of regular maintenance of exterior sealing joints, in the vertical and horizontal building envelope, causes problems ofwater infiltration in the structure. These are not necessarily visible. Sometimes, water infiltrates insidiously into the structure and causes it to rot over the years. These infiltrations of water cause the appearance of molds and affect the thermal resistance of the insulation. This results in a reduction of the enjoyment of the premises by the occupants.

Useful life of components

There is no doubt that building components have a limited life expectancy, so replace them when they reach their end of life. Let's give the example of the lifetime of a multilayer roof (asphalt) which is about 20 years, while for medium quality asphalt shingles, we talk about 15 years and for French drainsIt's more like 25-30 years, aluminum and PVC windows can last 25-30 years and finally the bricks have a useful life of more than 75 years.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent deterioration of these components so that they can reach their expected service life. A multilayer coating, for example, may need to be replaced early if the drainage slope is not adequate or there is a lack of gravel to cover the bitumen or if the roof drain is clogged.

Annual maintenance is therefore required on the sealing joints of the envelope, gutters, roof drains, retaining pits, exterior facing mortar joints, flashings, plaster on the foundation walls and the slope around the building.

For both single-family homeowners and condominium owners, there is a problem of budget planning for the replacement of major components of the building, such as roofing and French drains.

What to maintain and when?

In order to determine what maintenance work is required, a building condition inspection is important. This visual inspection reflects the current state of the building components (single-family, condominium, commercial, industrial and institutional). In the building condition report, there are findings relating to the problems identified in the building as well as recommendations for the correction and renovation work to be carried out. The goal is to keep it in a proper state of occupant safety and functionality.

As for condominiums, the certificate of building condition allows the professional to estimate the amount to be reserved for major repairs to the common parts of the building. This estimate is recognized as the provident fund.

Thereafter, the Board of Directors may establish the monthly contribution for each condo unit based on the state building inspection report and the contingency fund.

Building condition certificate, crack in masonry

Crack in masonry