Condominium owners know, for the most part, that repairs to the waterproofing membrane the structural slab of the interior parking is a real headache. If the repairs are important, they can eat up a good part of the estimated budget.

Waterproofing the structural slab

The application of a waterproofing system is required to waterproof the structural slab of the interior parking floor. If the waterproofing membrane was not properly installed and water seeped through the cracks in the slab, these water seepage would severely affect the concrete slab and could cause complicated and costly damage. to fix.

Presence of cracks

In the structural slab, we can find shrinkage cracks or other types of cracks. These can sometimes let the water penetrate through the slab. In the event that the water containing the de-icing salt (transported by the cars in the parking lot) infiltrates through the slab, it would then attack the concrete and the reinforcement of the structural slab.

The waterproofing membrane

It is therefore necessary to repair the cracks first and then apply the waterproofing membrane. Repair of cracks and application of the waterproofing membrane must be done according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

The installation of a waterproofing membrane on a parking slab of approximately 10 000 ft² may cost between 80 000 $ and 120 000 $, depending on the type of membrane. Most manufacturers give a warranty of five (5) years, but in our experience, some membranes have deficiencies after only two years.

During'expertiseswe observed cracks running down the structural slab. The majority of these deficiencies were related to the poor application of the membrane. Thus, the latter took off in some places because of poor adhesion and inadequate repair of cracks.

Repair or replacement

The immediate repair or replacement of the waterproofing membrane of the structural slab of the parking lot must be a priority for the Syndicate de copropriété, and this, to avoid premature deterioration of the structural slab.

The repair of the structural slab damaged by water infiltration causes many inconveniences to the co-owners.

If the concrete is badly damaged and the reinforcement corroded, this may involve corrective work including:

  • Removal of the slab by sections;
  • Installation of a new frame;
  • The formwork;
  • The installation of temporary supports for the parking structure;
  • Concreting

These works are long and expensive. So, it is better to do preventive actions or immediate repairs for the deficiencies (either a punctual repair of the membrane or the replacement) rather than wait until the situation worsens.

Garage slab waterproofing membrane

Garage slab waterproofing membrane