Onesta Bâtiment Conseil has a structural department with an engineer who is a member of the OIQ (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec) and a house draftsman.

Residential building structure

We carry out expertises as well as plans and specifications necessary for renovation projects of existing buildings (modifications, reinforcement, expansion, correction of problems in the structure) as well as for new projects. Engineer's plans include details of structural elements needed to complete the project, such as beams, columns, bearing walls, structural slabs, retaining walls, foundations and connecting elements such as stirrups, anchor bolts, screws, steel plates, etc.

Whatever your needs, whether for structural problems or modification or construction projects, we offer the following services:

Expertise on the spot

Structural expertise includes an on-site visit for the professional to be able to evaluate one or more structural components of the residential building (beams, columns, slabs, joists, roof, load-bearing walls, foundation walls, footings, retaining walls, piles, etc.). This evaluation is essential in order to analyze the issues and to propose the appropriate solutions.

Thus, an evaluation of the structure is necessary for:

  • Increase the load capacity of a floor or roof;
  • Fix a problem of subsidence of the foundation walls (leveling and pile plans);
  • Remove structural elements such as the load-bearing wall (replacement with a beam and columns);
  • Modify the existing structure
  • Add another floor to a building;
  • Carry out enlargement work;
  • Replace aged or deteriorated bearing walls;
  • Calculate foundations and write off for flood zones (Water Repellent Foundation);
  • Calculate the load for a structural element, such as a beam or column.

Structuredesign calculs and plans

Our building engineer is able to design steel, concrete and wood structures for residential buildings.

Here are the professional services offered by our engineering firm:

  • Consultation;
  • Conducting an inspection with a detailed statement of the structure;
  • Analysis of the building structure to arrive at an appropriate solution;
  • Modifications and strengthening of the structure;
  • Basement subsidence and piers;
  • Design of a new building
  • Waterproof foundations
  • Preparation of plans and specifications;
  • Project management and budget estimation;
Reinforcement of the log structure

Reinforcement of the log structure