The load-bearing walls are structural components that support loads from the upper parts of the building. These walls transfer these last charges to the lower components (beams, footings, foundations, etc.).

The upper parts represent, among others, the roof, the floors on the superimposed floors, the upper load-bearing walls, etc.

To determine if this wall is a carrier or not, the engineer must analyze the loads resting on this wall. For this, he practices exploratory holes in the finish if the structure is not visible. After the onsite survey of the loads and dimensions, and after the analysis of the feasibility of the removal of the wall, the engineer makes his calculations and makes plans to replace the bearing wall with a structural system [composed of beams , columns and foundations]. It is important to support the structure properly when removing the load-bearing wall.

Expertise on the spot

Our supervising engineer en structure has the skills to perform the following tasks:

  • Conduct an inspection for the building and make a detailed survey of the structure;
  • Analyze the structure and propose an appropriate solution;
  • Preparation of construction plans with the necessary details;
  • Specify the construction materials to use (example: LVL beam, HSS steel column etc.)
  • Supervision and monitoring of construction work.

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Load-bearing wall to be removed

Load-bearing wall to be removed