Here are some examples of our achievements in inspection, expertise and building structure:

Building Inspection: Inspection of facades and parking lots, pre-acceptance inspection, certificate of building condition, pre-purchase inspection.

Building expertise: concealed defect, exterior cladding, roof and roof, thermography, water infiltration, infiltrometry, French drain, foundations and level relief, slab on ground, humidity and condensations, insulation, bricks, floods, water-repellent foundations etc.

Structure: wood, concrete and steel structure, load-bearing wall, building extension and subsidence of foundation walls.

Hidden defect : infiltration of water in the basement, infiltration of water through the roof, infiltration of water through the windows, rotten bedding, moisture and mold in the basement, pyrite and sulfation of concrete, rotten wood structure, handcrafted wooden structure, carpenter ants, cracks in foundation walls, improperly installed French drain, condensation in exterior walls, cracks and swelling in the slab on the floor, condensation in the attic, collapsing of the wooden structure, collapse in foundation walls, air infiltration and heat loss etc.

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